Missions Director

Jorge Parrott has been the President of Christ’s Mandate for Missions since 1998. In 2009 CMM joined forces with MorningStar Ministries, founded and led by Rick Joyner. Rick asked Jorge to be the Director of MorningStar Missions. CMM already had over 500 missionary leaders serving around the globe. Many of these leaders have over 100 churches and two have over 2,000 churches each in their networks.

Jorge and Anna Marie have been married for 33 years and have 3 grown sons, Orion, Matthew, and Jonathan. Jorge has over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and has earned a Doctoral of Theology and a Ph.D. from NCCT. He helps administer the MSU/CMM College of Theology Degree program.

Jorge leads a team that handles communications and logistics with overseas pastors, missionaries, business, and government leaders. MorningStar/CMM offers spiritual covering, Church and School planting guidance and training, discipleship training, donor relations, networking, and relationship building, and administration of the U.S. and foreign fields along with Ephesians 4 equipping, prophetic training, cross cultural training, long term missionary training, placement, short, mid, and long term mission trips, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, sports ministry, business, 7 Mountain Mandate Training, women’s and leadership conference planning, guest speakers series, conferences in different languages and cultures for this strategic time in history.

CMM and Morningstar’s Fellowship of Ministries ordain (at various levels) with 501c3 covering and donor relations for itinerant ministers, missionaries, mobilizers, and intercessors.

Jorge is ordained by Rick Joyner with MFM, and also a Senior Chaplain with the IFOC,  (International Fellowship of Chaplains). Jorge has taken courses with The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, (Group Crisis Intervention and Advocacy for Emergency Services Personnel) which is approved by the United Nations in disaster response. Jorge has received specialized training in these areas: crisis intervention, trauma, grief and loss, critical incident stress, depression, divorce, death counseling, ethics, confidentiality, and law, with specialty training in the areas of law enforcement, industrial chaplaincy, and correctional chaplaincy.
 Jorge has completed his doctorate and Ph.D. in Theology with North Carolina College of Theology.

Accredited courses and degrees are offered in Charlotte with MorningStar/CMM as a satellite school for Charlotte for NCCT both in the classroom and by correspondence in the U.S. and abroad.